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Advertising Agencies

An advertising agency, also known as an advertising agency or a creative agency, is an entity devoted to developing, planning, and executing marketing and in some cases other types of marketing and promotion for the clients of an advertising firm. In many instances, this agency is a branch of the larger advertising firm and may be run by the same person or corporation. The advertising agency is charged with the responsibility of developing, executing, monitoring, controlling, and communicating the marketing messages and campaigns developed by the larger firm. The agency also acts as an information provider to the larger firm in regard to client knowledge of the products and services offered and their positive and negative impacts on the market.

Advertising agencies work with all kinds of clients and agencies. Some of these are nationwide ad agencies that handle all types of marketing and promotional campaigns for large corporations, national brands, local companies, manufacturers, retailers, and charities. Some of the smaller ad agencies work exclusively with specific industries such as toy stores, pet food manufacturers, airlines, and cruise lines. Still others work only with certain demographics or geographic areas. No matter the size of the agency and the kinds of clients it serves, there are specific departments within the advertising agency that deal with all of the different aspects of the client’s marketing program.

The most important department in any advertising agencies is the creative department. This includes art and graphic design departments that draw up concept ideas and original artwork and images that may be used in conjunction with print, electronic, and other media communications and promotions. Together, these departments produce the designs and graphics that are seen in many advertisements, websites, on ticketing for events, on television, in magazines, and on billboards and bus and train banners. The creative designers spend long hours in their studios putting together the visuals for a variety of advertising programs. Many advertising agencies have entire departments dedicated solely to the creation of new artwork and ideas.

One of the most popular types of ads that advertising agencies create is television commercials. These television ads can be run during sweeps on local television stations, during major holiday seasons on various channels, and they can even be shown during sweeps on various cable networks. The reason these spots are so popular is because television advertisers realize that the average consumer is not watching their ads every day. Most people do not have the patience or the desire to sit through a thirty-minute infomercial. That is why many agencies create television commercials that run for a maximum of thirty seconds or less so that they reach the target demographic and keep viewers on network and cable television.

Other types of ads that can be produced by advertising agencies include coupons for grocery and other grocery store ads, cigarette ads, automotive ads, movie promos, radio spots, restaurant ads, and other types of spot advertising. Advertising agencies have a team of copywriters and proofreaders that can write the copy for all of these different types of ads. These copywriters and editors will often work closely with designers, marketers, website developers, and other members of the advertising agency to ensure that the ads are worded correctly, that they are created for specific purposes, and that they meet their targeted demographics.

All of the advertising agencies are different. Their prices are also different. There is no single agency that fits all budgets; however, there are many full-service advertising agencies that can meet all of a company’s needs. For more information on how to locate the perfect advertising agency for your needs, log on to the internet and do some research.