Becoming an Accountant – What Qualifications Do You Need?

Accountants are professionals who make financial data and reports. Accountants are needed by companies to manage their finances. Some accountants are needed by government bodies such as the Central Revenue Service and tax departments at local level. It is very important for any company to find an accountant who is reliable and trustworthy so that the company’s financial records are handled appropriately. Therefore, it is important for companies to choose well-experienced accountants who have good credibility in the industry. Here are some tips for companies on how to hire the best accountant.


A good accountant should have expertise in bookkeeping, money handling, budgeting and other financial records. The accountant should be well-versed in these things so that he can provide the right and accurate service to his clients. An accountant needs to be well-traveled as he may have to visit many companies or offices in order to provide his service. Most accountants work independently but there are companies who hire individual clients as assistants.

Accountants have to be highly qualified individuals with bachelor’s degrees or Ph.D.s in accounting. Accountants with bachelor’s degrees have two years of post-baccalaureate studies under their belt. They usually need a minimum of three years of experience as a bookkeeper or an auditing clerk in the professional bodies. These individuals also need to undergo extensive training to prepare them for the job of being accountants. Some accountants begin their career as bookkeepers before going on to become auditors. There are also individuals who get a bachelor’s degree while working as an assistant to a professional bookkeeper.

To become certified public accountants, an individual must take an exam administered by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, Inc. (AIPCA). Individuals who pass this exam become CPA certified. A CPA is required to take courses like business law and general accounting. After becoming certified, individuals can start their own accounting firm or work for accounting firms that outsource their accounting needs to other firms.

A lot of people find it easy to understand the basic concepts of accounting. However, it is very difficult to follow the accounting principles, especially when it comes to auditing because the principles involved are almost the same between regular and forensic accounting. However, some accountants can successfully navigate through the accounting concepts without having much knowledge on any specific accounting data.

Most accountants would want to become CPA certified because this certification will provide them better opportunities in the future. In addition to earning more money, people who are certified will also be able to get higher-level jobs. Some CPA’s also choose to become auditors. It is important for accountants to learn about the different aspects of auditing before they choose to become auditors. If you are interested in becoming an accountant, it is best to take up courses on the basics of accountancy or at least have a bachelor’s degree.