Driving Lessons And Driving Schools

What kind of driving lessons and schools can you attend to prepare you to drive in New York? If you have attended any driving lessons, you will have noticed that they were not of the best quality or up to par with what you would expect from such training. Most people believe that when you go to sign up for a driving lesson, you will be in a classroom with other drivers and will be under the supervision of a driving instructor. There is nothing wrong with this, but the reality is that you will most likely not be practicing with other people when you take lessons at a driving school in New York. Instead, you will be practicing on the grounds itself, away from prying eyes and distractions. Here are some of the driving schools in New York that you can look into:

Garden City Driving Academy – “With one hundred and twenty-five acres of devoted land and seven miles of gorgeous coast-side road, we provide an excellent driving experience in an atmosphere that combines the intimacy of an indoor driving school with the excitement of an outdoor driving school.” All levels of lessons are offered, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced driving courses. The course requirements, student statistics, and evaluations are available on their web site. Pass Plus courses are also offered. “Pass Plus” courses require completion of an additional sixteen hours of classroom work, after which you will take an intensive course consisting of both classroom and driving instruction. You will have a limited number of “lapses” per week and may have to complete a final exam in order to renew your license.

Accelerated Driving School – ” accelerator driving lessons are designed for students who need to improve their driving skills and qualify for a Pass Plus driving license as quickly as possible. These intensive courses usually last between three and eight weeks and involve both classroom instruction and driving lessons. We focus on developing safe habits, controlling speed, and controlling accidents. Some of our students have earned their driver’s license in as little as two months.”

MRV – “This program was started in 1980 by Bill Seave and has gained popularity among people of all ages in many states. We believe that our training programs provide excellent opportunities for drivers to prepare for the DMV road test. We teach safe driving techniques, and provide a challenging but fun way to increase driving skills and confidence. In addition to the four-week online classroom course, MRV offers accelerated road test readiness courses for those who need them.

Pass Plus Driving Schools – “Pass Plus Driving Schools are operated by professional drivers’ schools. Students must first successfully complete a driver’s education class before enrolling in a Pass Plus class. After successfully completing a driver’s education class, students must pass the state’s DMV road test. There is no substitute for practice on the road. You must drive responsibly, carefully, and defensively to obtain a Pass Plus.”

Last, but not least, there is an emerging trend that is beginning to take over from traditional driving lessons: On-line driver education. Please note that this is not a recognized or sanctioned driving school anywhere in Australia. It has been created to provide interested motorists with the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and experience they require to pass their driving test while still living in their home country. So, please note that while you can get certified to drive from a driving school of any sort (driving schools offer a Pass Plus for people residing in their home country), you may not be able to get certified to drive from an on-line driving school. The same can be said for those wishing to become a driver’s instructor (there are currently no official driving instructor courses available in Australia).