What Are Fitted Kitchens?

Fitted Kitchens And Kitchen Specialists

What Are Fitted Kitchens?

Fitted kitchens are becoming the order of the day with people going back to school or going on holiday, and not having a large kitchen to use. The kitchens are more modern looking, with the all important cooker, fridge, sink and cupboard fitted into one area. Also you have the option of selecting from an array of styles including contemporary and traditional. A kitchen will look like it has been customised to your specific tastes. Fitted kitchens and kitchen specialists are trained to work with all types of clients to design a kitchen that meets exacting requirements and fits into your particular space and budget. They usually start by assessing the needs and then designing a kitchen around them.

Fitted kitchens are fitted around your existing kitchen or can be designed to complement an existing kitchen or suite of rooms in your home. The great benefit of a fitted kitchen is that you get to choose the style, layout and functionality exactly as you wish. You will have the option to choose between having a fully functioning oven, cooker and sink or none at all. In addition to style and design there are many additional benefits of a fitted kitchen which cannot be missed. These are the utility benefits of a kitchen being fitted; the saving in your monthly fuel bills; the saving in plumbing and the reduction of noise.

When your new fitted kitchen is completed and working its way through your house, you will find that every time you look in the kitchen you will see how much easier it is to cook in, or clean, than before. The new fitted kitchens have a uniformity about them so that everything blends in together. Also the latest ranges of kitchen furniture and cabinetry are available to you to take full advantage of.

If you have decided on having a fitted kitchen in your home then you need to choose the right company to fit it for you. To find a good company who specialises in fitted kitchens you should ask your friends, family and work colleagues for recommendations. It is advisable to only choose a company who can show previous work they have done. You should also ask them for a sample kitchen and check out their website for some more information.

Fitted kitchens can be made from wood or steel depending on your budget and preference. The best thing about them is the savings in your monthly fuel bills. There is no danger of starving if you only cook a couple of meals a week as you would have done with a normal stove. Your carbon footprint will become much smaller and therefore you will feel happier too.

If you want a kitchen that has just the basics in terms of appliances and cabinetry, then the most common choice is a wood fitted kitchen. But if you are after a more up to date style, then stainless steel is worth considering. For a more dramatic change, why not have a sink created especially for your kitchen? Alternatively, why not have a kitchen island built especially for use with your new fitted kitchen.