Why Install a Fitted Kitchen?

Fitted Kitchens And Kitchen Specialists

Why Install a Fitted Kitchen?

Fitted kitchens are one of the most popular and best ways to design a new kitchen. You can create an outstanding kitchen when you use all the space that is available in your kitchen and with a good finish. The various benefits of a fitted kitchen are numerous:

Efficiency. With a fitted kitchen you will get all the work surface area that you need for preparing food or for doing any other work. It also leaves more free space for other functions, such as storage. With all these extra work surfaces available you can prepare your meals much faster than if you had an open kitchen.

Space saving. With a fitted design your kitchen will be much more space efficient than a normal walled kitchen and you will have all the free space in your home. In this way you will have more free room for additional storage, such as under the cupboards. This makes a fitted design extremely useful for any family who has enough room to accommodate a kitchen, but who doesn’t want to overcrowd it.

More Functionality. A fitted kitchen allows you to make better use of your available work surfaces. This may lead to having to upgrade your worktops, but you can still have a great looking kitchen by fitting the counter tops and appliances to your existing design. There are so many different types of countertops available today that you can easily find a matching surface for any number of appliance choices. You can also choose to install under counter cooking units that can really make a difference to the appearance of your kitchen.

Extra Storage. Fitted kitchens take up less space than a regular walled kitchen does. Because of the appliances that are fitted into your space, you have extra workspace. Fitted kitchens are very efficient at taking up the least available space, leaving you with more free counter space for other uses. You can use this extra workspace to store any excess appliances or food, or to create additional working space in the kitchen. Either way, you can maximize the storage potential of your kitchen and save a lot of valuable space.

No Problems With Heat or Cold drafts. A fitted kitchen is energy efficient. It uses fewer fuels and is therefore a greener choice for heating and cooling your home. The large openings in most fitted kitchens allow for easy ventilation, which eliminates a lot of heat loss from your home.